What is Antimicrobial Coating and Why Should You Get It For Your Home or Business?

With the need for thoroughly clean and properly disinfected surfaces more important than ever before, you may have recently been hearing about a solution called antimicrobial coating. This “miracle” solution is in high demand in restaurants, hospitals, clinics, grocery stores, and homes since it inhibits the growth of disease-causing bacteria and germs. Yes, you heard me correctly. This coating actually prevents the spread of germs! So how does it work?  

Antimicrobial coating is sprayed onto surfaces such as ceramic tiles, bathroom sinks, tables, and door handles. Once applied, the coating makes it impossible for germs, bacteria, and other threats to our health to attach themselves to the surface — thus preventing germs from being transmitted via interaction with high-touch areas. The coating also prevents the growth of other hazards such as mold, fungi, and mildew.  

By having the surfaces of your home or business professionally treated with antimicrobial coating, you will not only have the peace of mind that comes with a hygienic safety precaution, but you will also save a significant amount of time and money on cleaning costs. The reduction in the amount of disinfectant needed to clean your surfaces will also mean minimizing your environmental impact, which is a major plus as well! 

Not only does antimicrobial coating work to prevent the spread of germs, but it also makes your surfaces more durable. The long-lasting coating works to prevent scratches and other damage to your surfaces by offering a layer of strong protection against normal wear and tear that high-contact surfaces are prone to.  

Call New South HSR today to ask about our professional antimicrobial coating services. This durable, long-lasting, and highly beneficial treatment is sure to give you peace of mind that your residential or commercial surfaces are safe and your loved ones are protected. We also offer services including tile and grout cleaning, grout color sealing, carpet cleaning, pet odor removal, and air purification.